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One of the main goals of site builders back in the Web's Stone Age was to put a bit of interactivity into static read only pages. Now, new and emerging technologies are taking Web pages into a new relm of usefulness - Web Sites are growing up

Just a few years ago companies had to justify the expenditure of Web Site development. Generally some results were neither pretty or useful to their daily business activities. Brochure sites, pages of Annual Reports and whirling Flash movie logos used inappropriately quickly turned off visitors, and the limited usefulness of the technologies turned off business owners who could not see their return on investment.

From Interactive to Inclusive
There has been a divide between the bargain basement interactivity and the customisation of higher-end sites backed by dynamic servers and databases. Instead there is a rising need for Inclusivity, in which sites are built to enable complex interactions with growing technologies, but on a very human scale.

Mobile Phone, PDA and Television
Mobile and Home based working is growing. People do not need to be office bound to continue their daily business. Executives are free to travel and maintain an active participation with their colleagues and principals. Web Site construction will be able to accomodate all these new media, without needing a traditional computer for network connection.

There is no doubt that the growing use of Broadband will inspire more sophisticated Web Sites carrying more content, imagery and technology. Site designers will be tempted to emerge from the constraints of writing slim, lightweight sites and start to experiment with heavier, more bloated sites. Broadband users are however much less forgiving having to wait again for large pages to load than Dial-up users.

XML Compliance
Intelligent pages describing data will become the norm and Browser development has already mapped the path for XML compliant pages. If Sites are not written for XML compliance now, they will not be able to be read by newer Browser versions in the very near future.

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